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Hi there! Since you’re reading this, you’re most likely someone who understands the importance of giving yourself the best possible chance to further your job career and better your life. If this is truly the case, then we’re here to make sure you achieve your goals.

Our resume writing services use a data-driven approach validated by years of proven research designed to give you a competitive advantage that separates you from all other job applicants. Our resume writers are certified professionals who understand the recipe to creating a resume that accomplishes what 93% of ordinary resumes don’t. Your resume will be able to get past Applicant Tracking Systems, capture the eyes of top hiring managers, and get you the job you deserve.

Applicant Tracking Systems

What are Applicant Tracking Systems


The first step towards getting an interview is getting past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). An ATS is a piece of software designed to automatically sort through thousands of resumes and determine the ones that best fit the job description. Only after getting through this initial phase will your resume even be looked at by a hiring manager. It’s estimated that around 90% of resumes are discarded by these automated systems during this initial screening process. This makes getting past them a critical step towards getting hired.

Pipeline Management

How We Beat Applicant Tracking Systems


We own the same applicant tracking systems that companies do. This allows us to ensure that the resume we write for you meets all the requirements of these pesky pieces of hiring software.

Our professional writers understand how ATS’s work inside out and use techniques that are designed to get your resume through these automated systems. For example, one of these techniques is to place certain critical keywords in specific sections of your resume. It’s no secret that once your resume contains the keywords that employers want, their ATS’s will mark you as a candidate worthy of moving on to the next step of the hiring process. However, identifying exactly what the crucial keywords are for the types of jobs you want and inserting them correctly into your resume is the tough part. It is one of the various techniques our writers have mastered.

Our LinkedIn Proposition

We rewrite and create your entire LinkedIn Profile for free when you work with us. LinkedIn has become one of the most important gateways towards getting a job but we have also found it to be one of the most mishandled and misunderstood components within the;job searching process. Your Resume and LinkedIn profile are the two most important factors that determines how many interviews you get and how many job offers you’ll receive. That’s why we heavily emphasize and work towards perfecting both of these tools to give you the highest chance possible of getting your dream job.

Professionally Written Resumes are Proven to Work

250 resumes are submitted for every single job opening
90% of resumes are discarded by applicant tracking systems before they are even read
6.24 seconds are spent on average before a hiring manager tosses away your resume
If you aren’t sure you can beat these odds, take the next step towards improving them


More likely to get interviews


Better Organized and Structured


More likely to get the job


Ranked Higher Among Recruiters

Our Process in 4 Simple Steps

We make it as convenient as possible for you, whether you want to revise your current resume or start completely from scratch. You can always skip a step or even add one – the choice is yours.

1. Questionnaire

Tell us about yourself and share your current resume (if you have one) so we can match you with a resume writer who perfectly fits your needs.

2. Conversation

Have a phone or video consultation with your resume writer to help us understand your goals and clarify any concerns you may have.

3. Draft

Receive the first draft of your resume within 3 days or money back guaranteed.

4. Final Delivery

We’re here to help you make changes to your resume until you are completely happy. Congratulations on your new tool for success.

Money Back Guarantee

Get the ultimate resume you want or your money back

Conditions Apply

Why Choose Us

Competitive Edge

The science behind resume writing has been studied and refined for decades now. Using this research gathered, our professional resume writers have developed a method that guarantees increased response rates

Keyword Optimized

We use data driven approaches that force automated hiring systems to put your resume on the top of their priorities list. We pass your written resume through our own hiring software to guarantee success

Reviewed by Our Team

It’s important to us to maintain the highest industry standards possible. That’s why every resume is examined by our team to ensure that each of our writers are putting forth their very best work

Industry Specific

We assign you a resume writer that has inside knowledge of the specific industry you are targeting

Professionally Written

All our resume writers are certified professionals who have been writing resumes for years now

Customer Service

Our system is specifically setup to ensure that all your concerns are addressed immediately. Have a question? Ask our support team using our online chat

Money Back Guarantee

Not fully satisfied? We offer money back guarantee no questions asked for up to 14 days.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions for 30 days to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your professional resume


What Our Clients Say About Us

I have working experience in many different fields so it was particularly hard for me to consolidate my resume in a way that would pass through the hiring software that companies are using. ResumeGo did a great job in doing that for me and I would definitely recommend their services for anyone with this similar issue.”

Clarence S.

Staffing Coordinator

“I can happily say I am employed by one of the largest marketing firms in my area thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work. I would recommend their resume writing service to anyone serious about finding a job. Amazing for people who learned English as a second language too”

Jennifer C.

Market Research Specialist

“It was exciting when I got my new resume. It had this extra sort of elegance and professionalism that I admittedly can’t reproduce on my own. Though I haven’t received any job offers yet, my response rate has nearly tripled so I am definitely getting in lots of interviews.”

Sofia M.

Vehicle Damage Appraiser

“I’ve used different resume writing services in the past. This is definitely the best professional resume service I’ve bought so far and will continue to use again in the future if I need to. The best thing about them is their customer support which responds much faster than everyone else I’ve tried.”

Nola D.

Application Integration Engineer

“I can’t tell if its blind luck or whether this new resume that you guys wrote did the trick but somehow I managed to land a high position job for Western Mutual within 2 weeks of using your new resume. Perhaps my success is attributed to both factors. Either way, this is awesome and I’d definitely recommend this resume service to anyone looking for a new resume.”

Summer M.

Financial Analyst

“Finding a new job has always been a daunting task for me. I’d like to really thank Derek for making it so easy. The resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile he created for me instantly got me more interviews. I would say the best part of ResumeGo’s service is that they are extremely responsive and answered all my concerns.”

Alyona H.

Telesales Specialist

“As a student with limited exposure to the workforce, I had no idea how impressive my professional resume could look when written by a pro. Great props to ResumeGo and their resume service for landing me a summer internship job at Bank of America. Under guidance from my supervisor, I’m currently learning about how to deal with clients who are looking to take out loans.”

Pierce R.

Personal Banker

“At first I honestly didn’t think I needed my resume written by a professional because I’ve always prided myself in getting things like this done myself. However when a friend urged me to use your resume writing services due to the success she was able to get from it, I decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, I found myself scoring twice as many interviews as before.”

Peter Z.

Network Systems Coordinator

“As a video editor with over 15 years of experience and tons of projects done, I didn’t realize why any big time firms weren’t hiring me. I found out from my resume writer how poorly my resume looked in the eyes of automated screening systems. With my new resume, I am definitely seeing huge increases in response rates from the bigger deal corporations I apply for.”

Ximena A.

Videographer Editor

“I can only comment on the resume writer (Harrison) who wrote my resume. He definitely conducted himself very professionally and created the perfect resume for me that highlighted my strengths better than I could. Go with guys like him if you want the best. I am now happily employed and working in a higher position than I thought possible.”

Reyansh M.

Certified Public Accountant

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