Meet Our Professional Resume Writers

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Neil E our professional resume writer

Neil E.


Neil has over 20 years of experience in professional recruitment and advertising. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations to achieve their staffing goals. Starting off as a corporate recruiter and later becoming a hiring manager, Neil’s entire career has been centered around reviewing job applications. Having seen thousands of resumes over the years, Neil is no stranger to how applicant tracking systems work and the exact hiring methodology used by both large and mid-size firms. Having so much experience in his field, Neil has published numerous articles both online and in newspapers about job hunting guidelines, networking strategies, and personal branding. Neil has been a part of our resume writing services team for over 15 years now and is a part of the core team at ResumeGo that reviews every single resume written by anyone at our company.

Lilliana L our professional resume writer

Lilliana L.


Lilliana is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and has higher education degrees in Career Counseling. She assists students with their career choices and job search. She is an experienced resume writer who has critiqued and written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and curricula vitae across various academic disciplines. She is currently working as a career counselor for the University of Central Florida where she helps young job seekers highlight their accomplishments on their resumes, and ultimately assists them in securing job interviews. Lilliana has also written the curriculum for a private career development course that she instructs. Having spent most of her career dealing with students and younger job seekers, Lilliana usually works with customers who opt for the Premium Package that we offer.

Huang P our professional resume writer

Huang P.


Being a Certified Human Resource Professional with over 10 years of recruiting experience and over 5 years of resume writing experience, Huang really knows both sides of the hiring process inside and out. Huang’s experience is with business and works with job applicants in the sectors of Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Economics, and Human Resources. In addition to working as a writer for our resume writing services, Huang is also currently an active career advisor for business school students. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Huang is not only experienced, but is also well-versed in how Applicant Tracking Systems function and how to optimally create resumes and LinkedIn profiles that will separate you from the competition.

Hailie M our professional resume writer

Hailie M.


Hailie M. is a certified resume writer under the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). She has spent the past 12+ years as a recruiter in the HR departments of Allstate Corporation and American International Group. Having spent so much time at these two S&P 500 companies, Hailie really understands how the hiring process is conducted at large firms. She knows the methods that these corporations use to attract job applicants and, more importantly, the strategies they use to narrow down the potential candidates for job openings. Some of the fields that Hailie covers for our resume writing services include Insurance, Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Banking, and Telecommunications. Hailie has a Master of Science in Business Analytics from Northeastern University.

Matt L. our professional resume writer

Matt L.


Matt got his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources with a minor in marketing from Cornell University. Before joining ResumeGo, he’s worked in marketing for over 5 years as a digital marketer for a couple small businesses where he helped grow their customer base and online presence. He was also in charge of hiring new staff for the marketing team of these businesses.

Linda S. our professional resume writer

Linda S.


Linda is a certified resume writer under the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). She has received a degree in English and Literature as well as a degree in Psychology. Linda has also written multiple articles related to behavioral well-being that have been published in Psychology Today and other medical publications. Having produced thousands of resumes over her 15+ years of professional experience, Linda focuses on the areas of Medicine, Psychology, Hospitality, and English.

Abony C our professional resume writer

Abony C.


New to the ResumeGo team, Abony is certified in Job and Career Transition Coaching (JCTC) and has a degree in Career Counseling. Prior to becoming a full-time resume writer, Abony spent the past 5+ years offering career advice to private clients and executives across various fields, including Education, Corporate Training, Hospitality, and Business Management. Before working as a career adviser, Abony was a job recruiter at a Fortune 500 company.

Daniel W our professional resume writer

Daniel W.


Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Daniel has spent the overwhelming majority of his career as a full-time freelance writer. He has a 97% customer satisfaction rate with over 2000 writing jobs completed across various freelance websites. He is a certified resume writer with the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA), and has been working with ResumeGo for 2 years. Daniel is also currently pursuing a PhD in Writing and Rhetoric.

Sophia B our professional resume writer

Sophia B.


Graduating from Columbia University with Bachelor’s Degrees in both English and Communications, Sophia has been working for the past 10 years as a Director of Communications on Wall Street. Before that, Sophia was an English teacher and acted as a part-time career advisor for college students. As a Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), Sophia has written countless resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles in various fields such as Education, Business, Marketing, Technology, and Engineering.