5 Best Resume Writing Services in 2021

It’s easy to go online and find dozens of resume writing services to choose from. What’s truly hard though is picking the best resume service for you that will get the job done right.

Our team of job search experts (which includes professional resume writers, hiring mangers, and Fortune 500 recruiters) has reviewed over 50 of the top resume writing services in the US and Canada in order to put together this list of the best 5 resume services to consider. Here are our picks:

The 5 Best Resume Writing Services

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Resume Writing Services

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1. ResumeGo

ResumeGo homepage - secure the job you want with our resume writing services
  • Pricing: $199-$399
  • Turnaround time: Customized
  • Writer Count: 40+
  • Unique Features: Conducts their own resume research, offers a money back guarantee, emphasizes ATS optimization + LinkedIn

You didn’t seriously think we were going to include a list of the top resume services out there and not put ourselves first now right? While our team is totally bias here, it’s not without merit.

ResumeGo uses a data-driven approach to ensure that your resume performs well with both hiring managers AND applicant tracking systems. Their resume approach stems from the resume research and surveys they conduct as a company, which has been covered from top media outlets such as Forbes, US News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and other sites. This makes them one of the more reputable resume services in the industry despite not being the largest.

Pros of using ResumeGo:

  • Money Back Guarantee – ResumeGo offers a money back guarantee policy where clients are given a full refund up until the point they receive their resume. Even after the resume is completed, clients are still entitled to partial refund, making ResumeGo one of the most risk-free services to try.
  • Top of the line writers – ResumeGo only brings abroad the top-of-the-line writers to join their team. They’re writers are all based in US or Canada and are vetted to ensure the best quality of work possible.
  • Phone Consultation – While most resume services on this list allow you to communicate with their writers directly via email, ResumeGo’s process also includes an initial phone consultation to go over the needs of their clients
  • Unlimited Revisions – Along with other resume services, ResumeGo has a 14-day unlimited revision policy

2. CareerPerfect

  • Pricing: $199-$399
  • Turnaround time: 4-5 days
  • Writer Count: Unknown
  • Unique Features: One of the longest lasting resume services, has a separate Federal & Military package

CareerPerfect has been around for more than 20 years now and offers their resume services in the form of 4 separate options to choose from: Student &Entry Level, Professional & Mid-Career, Executive, and Federal & Military.

With so much experience under their belt, this service has helped many job seekers advance their careers. Their team is also made up of only US-based writers with at least a 4-year degree. Their company is also a part of the National Employment Counseling Association and has a heavier focus on other aspects of the job search process besides just resume writing.

If you need free career planning tests or career planning advice, Career Perfect likely beats out on most other resume services on the list that specialize on just resume writing.

Pros of using CareerPerfect:

  • Editing Service – They offer a resume editing service as well that many other resume services don’t have as an option
  • Free InterviewSmart Software – When working with CareerPerfect you are automatically given a free trial version of their leading interview-coaching program that goes over strategies for preparing for your job interview
  • Lifetime Storage – Your job documents are stored in a personalized resume writing center

3. Resume Writing Services

  • Pricing: $270
  • Turnaround time: 1 Week
  • Writer Count: 20+
  • Unique Features: Hires less than 1% of resume services, smallest resume service listed

Resume Writing Services is one of the smaller online companies on the list. It’s also where their strength lies. Resume Writing Services hires less than 1% of the resume writers who apply to their company, ensuring that only the best of the best get to join their team.

Their services are also packaged far more simplistically and only has 1 option: their main resume package. Those who would like a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, thank you letter, and interview prep can add these features onto their package as well – making their service option probably the most flexible and easy-to-roll-with offer available among the 5 services listed.

Pros of using Resume Writing Services:

  • Consolidated writing team – As mentioned previously, Resume Writing Services is the smallest resume company on our list. This gives them the ability to only hire the best of the best writers to join their team. A potential downside to having such a small team is that you may not get a writer who specializes specifically in your field if you are in a less popular industry.
  • Unlimited Revisions – Along with other resume services, they offer unlimited revisions (though they don’t specify the duration of it)
  • Modern approach – Having only been founded a couple years ago, they have a more modern and up-to-date approach with handling applicant tracking systems and formatting their resumes.

4. TopResume

  • Pricing: $179-$349
  • Turnaround time: 7 to 14 days
  • Writer Count: 1,500+
  • Unique Features: Has a monthly payment option, 60-Day Guarantee, free resume review

No list is complete without mentioning one of the largest resume services in the US in 2021. TopResume is a very well-established company and has been mentioned on many of the top online media outlets on the web.

They also have a very large team of resume writers, meaning they are the best equipped to match you with a suitable writer that knows your industry – this is especially true if you work in a less popular field (they cover over 65 industries). One of the potential downsides of being such a large company with 1500+ writers is that this may dimmish their hiring standards and quality control.

Similar to ResumeGo, they have 3 resume packages to choose from, starting with their Professional Growth package at $179 and ending with their Executive Priority package at $349.

Pros of using Resume Writing Services:

  • Affirm – For job seekers financially struggling, TopResume offers a monthly payment option
  • Keyword optimized – As mentioned previously, Resume Writing Services is the smallest resume company on our list. This gives them the ability to only hire the best of the best writers to join their team.
  • Formatted for success – True to their name, TopResume emphasizes their strength of formatting their resumes to get employer’s attentions
  • 60-Day Guarantee – TopResume has a 60-day guarantee where if you don’t receive 2 times more interviews within 60 days, they will rewrite your resume free-of-charge.

5. LiveCareer

  • Pricing: $99-299
  • Turnaround time: 3 Business Days
  • Writer Count: Unknown
  • Unique Features: Has a resume builder, super quick delivery speed, offers other career resources

LiveCareer is a one-stop shop for all career needs and have helped countless job seekers further their careers. While they are primarily a resume builder site that focuses on resume formatting, they do offer resume writing services in the form of 3 main packages: Entry, Professional, and Executive.

LiveCareer’s main headquarter is in New York City, but they have offices around the world making them a more global company than many of the other resume services listed.

Pros of using LiveCareer:

  • Fast Delivery – With a 3 business day turnaround, LiveCareer is the fastest service on our list for getting resumes written for job seekers who might have very demanding job application deadlines to meet.
  • Versatility – LiveCareer doesn’t just offer resume services, there are ton of career resources on their site that are useful for jobseekers such as resume builders, resume templates, job application tools, career advice articles, and salary calculators.
  • 60-Day Guarantee – TopResume has a 60-day guarantee where if you don’t receive 2 times more interviews within 60 days, they will rewrite your resume free-of-charge.