Cover Letter Writing Service

Looking to buy a professional cover letter tailored to your job search? That’s where we come in. ResumeGo has helped thousands of job seekers craft unique cover letters that capture the unique brilliance of each individual.

Our team of professional writers will make sure we craft a cover letter that optimizes your chance of being given a job interview.

A cover letter that sets you apart

Cover letters give hiring managers more contextualized information about who you are as a candidate besides the Xs and Os found on your resume. Truly effective cover letters are able to show off your personality, career goals, and introduces you in a memorable way that allows you to stand out from the rest of the candidate field.

When working with our team, we’ll help you define your personal brand and identify your greatest accomplishments in order to formulate a cover letter that will showcase your best self.

How It’s Done

Here’s how we write our cover letters.

Fill Out Form

Provide details of your work experience. Attach your resume and old cover letter if you have one.

Communicate With Your Writer

Get a call from our writer who will work with you to flesh out all the details we will need to write a stellar cover letter.

Receive Draft of Cover Letter

Receive your cover letter and ask for revisions if needed.

Other Buy Cover Letter Questions

Should I buy a cover letter online?

There are many factors at play here, and it really depends on the individual. If you feel as though your current cover letter isn’t doing you justice and you’ve made an honest effort to try and improve it but failed – then there’s definitely a good reason to seek professional help.

How long does the cover letter writing process take?

After filling out your form, you will be assigned a writer within 24 business hours. Once you schedule a call with your writer and go over the necessary details, it’ll usually take another 24 business hours to write and send over your new cover letter.

Should my cover letter be tailored specifically to the job description?

The short answer is yes. You should have a generic cover letter at your disposal. For every job application you apply for, you can make specific changes to it to tailor it to your exact needs for that job opening. When working with your writer, be sure to send over job openings to give your writer a better idea of what type of jobs you’re applying for.

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