70 Common Interview Questions To Have At Your Arsenal

Don’t go to your interview ill-prepared. Here are a list of interview questions you can ask.

Now it’s your turn to go. At the end of every interview, you’ll be asked the question “Do you have any questions for me?” While your interviewer will be opened to answering any inquiries you might have, don’t be naïve to think you won’t be judged. In the recruiting world, there are good and bad questions. Some will make you out to be the insightful and astute person you really are, while others can make you seem like you’ve completely missed the boat.

The first step to asking good questions is to have a plethora of various interview questions in your back pocket that you can choose from. So here is a list of common interview questions that can really come in handy in all sorts of situations. Of course, you shouldn’t start blasting each of them simultaneously. Pick and choose your moments, and use this list wisely to create a job-winning interview impression.

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Career development and training

1. Is there a training period for new employees?

2. Where did the last person who held this position move on to?

3. What types of opportunity for professional development are there?

4. Who will be my mentor when I start the job?

5. Will I be trained by one person or by many?

6. What’s the most important thing I can get done in the first two months?

7. What type of technical skills will be involved in my training?

The Interviewer

8. What make you good at your job?

9. What role did you play when you first joined the company?

10. How long have you been working for the company?

11. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

12. What do you hate most about the job?

13. Will I be closely working with you?

14. What was your job before working here?

15. Any advice for me if I am to get the job?

16. Any food places around here you’d recommend?

17. How do you typically commute to work?

18. What’s a typical day for you?

The Company

19. What’s the most exciting new thing going on with the company?

20. What type of direction is the company trying to take itself? Will my role be affected by this change?

21. What are your thoughts on the direction this company is headed?

22. I’ve learned a lot about how your company was founded, can you tell me more about ____ ?

23. What are some areas your company is trying to improve on?

24. What are some goals your company are looking to achieve?

Your Performance Criteria

25. What’s the performance expectation for someone in this position?

26. What am I expected to have accomplished after X months at work?

27. How will my performance be measured?

28. What advice you would give me on how to do this job well?

29. Are there any metrics that will gauge my performance level?

30. Who’s the one that decides how well I’m doing?

Your team and coworkers

31. Is this job more of a solo mission or will I be working with others often?

32. Do you know who I will be working with and how is he/she like?

33. What role am I exactly filling for this team?

34. Any weaknesses in the team that you’d like to improve on?

35. Are you planning on hiring more people in this department in the near future?

36. What type of collaborate projects will the team be working on?

37. What has the team recently been working on?

38. Will I be working closely with the same people or do things switch around a lot?

39. Who’s in charge of the team I’ll be working with?

40. What’s the leader of the team like? What’s his leadership style?

41. How long has the members of my team been working here?

42. How many people are on the team?

The Office Culture

43. How would you describe the general work environment here?

44. How has the company changed since you’ve arrived?

45. Any favorite office traditions worthy of sharing?

46. Is there any festivities held outside of office hours?

47. What does the office generally do for lunch?

48. Are there core values that the company emphasizes?

49. Do coworkers hang out with each other often outside of work?

50. What are some activities you like to do outside of work with your coworkers?

51. How long is the average tenure of the people in the office?

52. Are there any aspects of the company culture that you’re hoping would improve?

53. What’s the company’s management style like?


54. Can you show me around the office?

55. What’s the next step of the interview process?

56. What’s the biggest challenge for this job?

57. What type of background would be a perfect match for this position?

58. Any last questions for me?

59. Are there any concerns about my qualifications? I’ll be happy to address them.

60. When can I expect to hear back from you?

61. Who should I reach out to if any further questions come up?

62. When do you hope to make someone an offer?

63. Any estimate as to the starting date for the job?

64. Is relocation a foreseeable possibility?

65. How much travel is involved?

66. Is this position new? If not, what happened to the last person who occupied it?

67. Do you need any references from me?

68. What’s a typical day like?

69. What’s the most rewarding part about this job?

70. How can I contact you? What’s your contact information?

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