5 Best Executive Resume Writing Services in 2024

Different resume services have different pros and cons to them. Find what service works best if you’re looking to craft a resume for a federal position.

Best Executive Resume Writing Services

The most frustrating thing is being competent and skilled enough for an executive position, but not landing the job.

It’s not obvious but a majority of the time, your resume is the culprit. You might have the skills for whatever executive position you have in sight, but does your resume tell the hiring reader that? If not, that experience and expertise weigh as much as nothing.

Whether you’re striving for an officer, president, or any other executive job, that resume you submit needs to tailor towards executive positions.

A service can successfully produce professional resumes but fail miserably at executive ones, and vice versa. Not only can this cause a headache, but also can be a huge waste of hard-earned money. If you are looking for general resume writing services, check out our list of the: 5 Best Resume Writing Services in 2024

That’s why we’ve researched and compiled 3 resume writing services that excel at delivering high-quality and formidable executive resumes.

Professional v.s. Executive

Before we move onto our choices, let’s quickly look at the differences between professional and executive resumes.

Professional resumes are designed to show that an individual can work well and produce results when working within a larger team. There are thousands of examples, including careers like accountants or teachers. These resumes are at max 2 pages.

Executive resumes are designed solely for executive management, and those who are ready to lead. Think C-level positions like CEOs and COO’s. These resumes are more in-depth and typically range from 2 to 4 pages.

Because executive resumes need more research and commitment, they are often more expensive.

Now, onto our list!

1. ResumeGo

  • Pricing: $399
  • Delivery time: Customizable
  • Expert writers: 40+
  • Specialties: Money back guarantees, knowledge on latest resume research and trends, industry tailored keywords

ResumeGo is our overall choice, and has helped thousands of people land executive jobs in highly competitive industries. With experienced and competent writers, an easy to understand process, and safety mechanisms, there really is nothing to lose.

Even more, their executive resume package is more worthwhile than most. Your package includes a data-driven and keyword optimized resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and thank you letter. The price is upfront and there’s no surprise fees.

Pros of Using ResumeGo

  • Expertise – Because ResumeGo is quite selective of their small group of writers, each one has written hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. With this experience, comes expertise.
  • Unlimited Revisions – After receiving the draft of your executive resume, you are entitled to a 14-day period where you can request as many revisions as you desire.
  • Money back Guarantee – A full refund is guaranteed until the client receives their resume. If the client is still unsatisfied after the 14-day revision period, they are entitled to a partial refund.
  • Industry keyword optimization – Many claim to be keyword “experts”, but writers here genuinely are. Each writer must follow a meticulously outlined and data driven approach to writing executive resumes. These keywords follow the latest hiring trends.
  • Scientifically Formatted – Attention grabbing format that is able to seamlessly pass ATS software checks.

2. Mary Elizabeth Bradford

  • Pricing: $2,597+
  • Delivery time: 5 – 7 days
  • Expert writers: n/a
  • Specialties: career coaching, executive biographies
  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a premier executive resume writing service that works with high end clients who are often already in executive positions. Her team and even herself has helped thousands of individuals achieve even higher than what they thought were possible.

    Securing people executive positions at companies like Amazon, American Express, Google and LinkedIn, her team of certified writers are no joke and extremely competent.

    Of course, as a premier service, their prices may not be affordable.

    Pros of Using Mary Elizabeth Bradford

    • Certified writers – All writers are professionally trained and certified to produce quality resumes. If you have the allowance, Mary Elizabeth Bradford will even write your executive resume herself. She’s one of the best executive resume writers in the entire industry.
    • Multiply formats – Your resume can be formatted in a variety of ways. These include Word, PDF, and ASCII Text
    • Additional add-ons – Along with your executive resume, you will be given 3 of Bradford’s best selling career artisan guidebooks, and thank you letter templates.

    3. The Writing Guru

    • Pricing: $2,695+
    • Delivery time: 14 – 21 days
    • Expert writers: 1
    • Specialties: personal brand emphasis, pre- and post- strategy calls

    The Writing Guru is founded by Wendi Weiner, and she’s actually the only person on her writing team! Weiner is recognized as the best of the best when it comes to executive writing, and you’ll be able to get your executive resume written by her, from beginning to end.

    Even as a team of 1, she wants your resume to be perfect. Each resume takes upwards of 20 hours, with her updating clients regularly and even requesting additional calls to get to know you more.

    Not many services will go out of their way to make their own lives harder in order to improve your product, but she will. She’ll even offer unlimited email support long after you’ve worked with her.

    Though the price is not for everyone, when working with Weiner, there’s nothing to worry about.

    Pros of Using The Writing Guru

    • Best of the best – Weiner is not only a certified executive resume writer, but a nationally certified writer at that. There’s only fifty people that have this title and she’s one of them! Unlike other services, you’ll know exactly who’s writing your executive resume.
    • Dedication to you – Offering 2 rounds of revisions, unlimited support, and pre- and post- evaluations, she’s dedicated to all your needs.

    To Wrap Up

    Resume writing is already hard enough as it is, and executive resume writing just takes it up a notch. Luckily, you don’t have to face this intimidating hurdle alone.

    Though pricing is very different for these three services, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the price, all three will deliver excellent-quality resumes tailored to your executive needs.