5 Best Federal Resume Writing Services in 2024

Finding the perfect resume writing service can be hard. What’s even harder? Finding a resume writing service that’ll write you a federal resume that will meet, and then go beyond your expectations.

Best Federal Resume Writing Services

Finding the best resume writing service can be hard. What’s even harder? Finding a resume writing service that’ll write you a federal resume that will meet, and then go beyond your expectations.

While there are numerous services out there claiming to be the best of the best, many don’t hold up to their claims. Federal resumes must be meticulously crafted and are more than twice as long as a traditional resume. As a result, a writer can not learn to write a federal resume overnight.

Luckily, some companies do cut it, and can provide you a high-quality federal resume.

Having so many options can be overwhelming and downright stressful. This article will serve to alleviate your burden and help you find a perfect service that can deliver a perfect resume.

1. ResumeGo

ResumeGo homepage - secure the job you want with our resume writing services
  • Pricing: $199 – $399
  • Delivery time: Customizable (based on plan)
  • Expert writers: 40+
  • Specialties: Money back guarantees, ATS optimized resumes, knowledge on latest resume research and trends

ResumeGo is a service dedicated to helping you land your first federal position, or getting that well deserved promotion. They will assist you in crafting a high quality resume that will land you at the top of the federal candidates list. The price plans are set up at three different levels: Premium, Professional, and Executive.

Their approach to resume writing is data driven and tailored towards ATS, allowing you to pass the ATS test with flying colors.

It’s important to note that all listed services will follow correct ATS formatting procedures when writing your federal resume. Having perfectly correct formatting is crucial.

Pros of Using ResumeGo

  • Expertise – Only the best of the best are hired to write for ResumeGo, with writers with ten or more years of experience, writing for both private and federal use.
  • Unlimited Revisions – Upon receiving your resume, you are entitled to a 14-day period where you can request as many revisions as you desire.
  • Refund Guarantee – A full refund is guaranteed until the client receives their resume. If the client is still unsatisfied after the 14-day revision period, they are entitled to a partial refund.
  • Proper keyword optimization – Though many claim to be keyword “experts”, writers here genuinely are. They are trained to take a data-driven approach with keywords as an integral part of that process.

2. CareerPerfect

CareerPerfect homepage
  • Pricing: $199 – $399
  • Delivery time: 4 – 5 days
  • Expert writers: n/a
  • Specialties: Specialized resumes, free work value/preferences tests and advice

With over 30 years of experience, they have not only survived, but also continue to flourish in the resume writing industry. A versatile service that tailors to the needs of all, from a student to a federal worker.

By having 4 distinct levels of resume writing and individual processes for each one, your federal resume will be written, optimized, and formatted perfectly with your federal position in mind.

Pros of Using CareerPerfect

  • Quality Writers – Though we don’t know the perceived number, we know that all of them are experienced and have at least a 4 year degree.
  • Versatility – Four diverse levels of resume writing are offered: Student and entry level, professional and mid career, executive, and federal and military.
  • Great Customer Service – From Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm EST), customer service is readily available via phone or email.
  • Editing service – If you received a federal resume from another service that you are unhappy with, CareerPerfect offers editing services to refine and edit the resume. You can also ask them to edit a federal resume that you’ve attempted to write yourself.

3. ResumeEdge

ResumeEdge homepage
  • Pricing: $99 – $299
  • Delivery time: Customizable (as early as within 48 hours)
  • Expert writers: 40+
  • Specialties: editing, CV writing, biographies, LinkedIn set ups and enhancements, writer profiles and ratings

With two decades under their belt, they are worthy competitors in the federal resume writing business. With an easy to navigate website and flexible payment options, you’ll be all set in less than 10 minutes. If you need the federal resume soon because of a coming deadline, you’ve got options to speed up the process.

Just like CareerPerfect, rest assured. The writing process between a regular resume and a federal one are distinctly different.

Just five easy steps from start to finish and it’s all laid out for you. All you really need to do is fill out a questionnaire, attend a live interview, and receive your product. Then, there’s a period to give feedback and edit your resume with that in mind.

Pros of Using ResumeEdge

  • Easy and seamless process – The process is simple and concise, and requires minimal work from your end.
  • Certified – All writers are certified and adhere to the quality guidelines of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.
  • Writer Reviews – Easily read about your potential writers, and gain insight on what fields they are experienced with, along with their user ratings. Some writers even have federal experience themselves.
  • Experienced – WIth only 40 writers, they have accomplished in writing almost 100,000 resumes. That’s an astounding feat and proves that they are well experienced and reliable.

4. Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services homepage
  • Pricing: $270
  • Delivery time: 7 days
  • Expert writers: 20+
  • Specialties: most selective of their writers, guaranteeing expertise and skill

The smallest service on our list, but don’t knock them out yet. The check out process is simplistic and the payment is straightforward. As a smaller service, they are able to offer one on one guidance that will get you and your writer on the same pace in no time.

When writing a federal resume, your personal values are crucial and paid special attention too. With this one on one guidance, nail that authenticness that your employers are looking for.

Unlike other services that charge extra for a federal resume, there’s no additional fee here. You’ll have a perfect federal resume without paying an extra cent than the upfront cost.

Pros of Using Resume Writing Services

  • Simple – No need to worry about packages and pricing, there’s only one option for a resume.
  • Experts with experience – With a bit over 20 writers and over 5,000 written resumes, each writer has an intensive amount of experience and knowledge of various fields, both federal and non.

5. TopResume

TopResume homepage
  • Pricing: $179 – $349
  • Delivery time: 7 – 14 days
  • Expert writers: 1,500+
  • Specialties: free resume review, offers career and interview coaching, monthly payment plan, free revision guarantee

Another staple in the resume writing industry. With over 1,500 writers and becoming a leader in this field in only 7 years, they know what they are doing. With that many writers, you’ll be sure to find one that is compatible and well experienced with federal work. There are multiple packages available depending on how much you are willing to spend, with one tailored just for federal resumes.

Even more, those who receive a polished resume from TopResume are typically interviewed 2 or 3 times than before.

Pros of Using TopResume

  • Keyword Selection – Your achievements, skills, and values will all be rich with keywords that appeal to your government employer.
  • Excellent response time – While many services take up to a week to respond after the initial payment, TopResume writers are active and respond in much less time.
  • Increase Interview Guarantee – They will rewrite your resume free of charge if you do not get 2 times more interviews than before you had the resume.
  • Amazing formatting – With so many resumes written, they’ve got the perfect formatting down. They know what federal resume readers want, and they’ll deliver that to you.