How to Get the Most From Your Resume Writing Service

Looking to utilize a resume service to get your resume written? Here’s how to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

How to get the most from your resume writing service

The beautiful thing about the resume process is that you do not have to go it alone. Professional resume writers will help you and guide you through the multitude of considerations involved in this journey.

When taking the step to invest in a professionally crafted resume, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible return for that investment.

Here are four tips to make your resume writing process as effective and enjoyable as possible. It’s important to remember that most resumes that applicants submit never get through to the employer.

There are different gatekeepers and levels your resume needs to get through, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) before it gets in front of your employer’s eyes. If you implement the advice in this article, it will maximize your resume’s chances of getting in front of the right people and landing your dream job.

Of course, if you haven’t even picked out a resume service to begin with, our list of the best resume writing services out there can help.

Clearly Define Your Job Goals or Dream Job

Like a marksman with a bow and arrow, your professional resume writer will need to have a target. Most people run into the issue that they do not take the time to sit down and figure out what they want in their new position.

They will often use generic boilerplate words that fail to give their resume writer a clear understanding of what they want or desire.

Notice the difference between these two examples:

Example 1: “I would like a position in agricultural research. It should be a company that offers good benefits. The pay should be around 85K.

Example 2: “I would like a position in agricultural research, specifically in the area of renewable energy applications. I am leaning towards a remote work situation but would be open to an in-office situation if the company is in one of these three cities. I would prefer a position that allows me to work independently and not within a team. My dream job would be with a well-funded startup or early-stage company. I do not want to get stuck in an old, stodgy mammoth of a company.”

Can you see the difference between the two? The more details about your dream position you can provide, the clearer your writer’s target becomes, maximizing their ability to hit the mark.

Give Your Resume Writer As Much Information As Possible:

Neglecting to give your writer enough information is like asking them to fill up your car with air. Information about your past, present, goals, and experiences is the fuel that powers their ability to produce a resume that lands your perfect new position.

Think of your information like tools in a toolbox. Your writer, the mechanic, is trying to repair your airplane. Wouldn’t you want as many tools at your mechanic’s disposal to do the job as opposed to only having a hammer and a monkey wrench?

More information is better. Do not feel like you are oversharing or overwhelming your professional resume writer. The more information they have, the more they can work with to pull what they need for an effective resume.

Details you should be compiling are your work history, philanthropic efforts, education, professional development endeavors, specialized training you’ve received, unique projects you’ve worked on and more.

Trust Your Professional Resume Writer’s Expertise

Your life’s experiences can feel like your children. You love each one of them and never want to see them excluded. You want each child/experience to have their moment to shine.

However, if you take this approach, your resume will feel like that co-worker who’s always trying to show you pictures of his nine kids on their most recent vacation to Dollywood.

Unfortunately, the results will be the same. Employers will avoid your resume at all costs.

Your resume writer’s goal is not to cram as much as they can into their resume. Rather than cranking out a buffet, your resume writer is trying to craft a beautifully planned 12-course meal that has your employer eager to experience it.

A professional resume also understands the nuances and strategies that need to be implemented in order to get past the applicant tracking systems in place. These tracking systems weed out resumes that are not lean, targeted, and applicable to the job.

Resume writers craft your resume to get past the ATS and in front of your potential future employer.

It’s okay to ask questions and get clarity, but it is essential to lean on their expertise and let them run with it at the end of the day.

Have a Plan To Go With Your Resume

Nearly forty percent of professionally crafted resumes are read a maximum of three to five times.

The first couple of times are when the resume is completed and delivered. The client loves it. They send it to a family member or friend and a few potential employers. After the fifth or sixth time, they won’t use it anymore.

Many people fail to realize that a professionally crafted resume is not the goal. It is simply a tool that helps you reach your desired outcome, which is an ideal job or position.

While a tool is essential, you also need a plan to implement it and achieve what you want.

While the resume writer is crafting your resume, decide on things such as:

  • The number of applications you’ll send out each week
  • How you will start building your network
  • What recruiters you can reach out to
  • How to get some referrals
  • Identifying jobs you genuinely want to get

According to studies, having a plan in place makes you dramatically more likely to have the persistence needed to land your ideal job.

When building your plan, be sure to factor in rest to take a break from the process. Having moments to breathe gives you a chance to assess how you’re doing and identify any changes or modifications you need to make.

It’s important to remember that the job-seeking process is indeed a process. There is not a magic pill that can make this happen overnight.

However, consistent application of tips such as the ones above will help make sure you land in the ideal situation much sooner than later.