How Much Do Resume Writing Services Cost?

We all want the perfect resume…but at what cost?!?! Resume services are all over the place when it comes to pricing. Some claim to only be $5 while others are priced at $1000. Let’s get down to the bottom of how much you should really be paying.

We get it, resume writing isn’t easy and not everyone can do it. That’s why there’s a growing number of resume writing services out there ready to assist you within minutes. Depending on several factors, a resume could cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000.

These factors include the credentials and expertise of your writer, how in-depth the company’s writing process is, and your current career and where you want to be.

The price range is broad, so let’s break it down a bit more. We’ll examine the various categories to get down to the bottom of how much it costs to have a resume professionally written.

The “Too Good To Be True” Range: $100 and Under

A quick search online reveals that certain resume writing services will offer their entire service for a small fraction of $100, and I mean a really small fraction. Like the cost of a coffee from your local coffee chain for a resume.

Unfortunately, there’s always a catch.

More often than not, these services outsource their work to inadequate writers who do not even have adequate grasps of the English language. You might also end up working with a resume “factory” that produces cookie cutter, unoriginal, and lackluster content.

You’re better off spending a few hours writing your own resume, and saving that money.

Remember, any company charging less than $100 will value quantity over quality. If your budget is tight, we recommend that you try to utilize some online tutorials or tips. Many of these resources are available for free. Chances are, your writing will be better than what the service provides anyways.

At the end of the day, no matter the price, there’s no point in paying someone to write a resume that will never come in handy.

The Optimal Range: $100 to $500

This is the range that most reputable and genuinely professional resume writing services offer.

If you’re a recent graduate without many experiences, you will be paying at the lower end of the range. The opposite is true for experienced workers that may be trying to land an executive position such as upper management or CEO.

Make sure to look around before deciding on your writer. Ask questions during the interview process and don’t be afraid to ask for samples or testimonials. This price range is more than enough to pair you up with an experienced writer who will produce a high-quality resume. At this range, many will also be experienced with ATS software and work with you on that.

What About $500 to $1000 and Beyond

More often than not, the previous price range is already enough to find yourself a great deal. There are some exceptions though.

If you’re more interested in an advanced leadership position at a company, this range might be expected. Many services will charge in this range. This is reasonable because resumes tailored towards executive positions require more back and forth communication, research, and time. Even more, services will often have their strongest and most experienced writers working on these executive resumes.

Another reason you could be spending in this range rather than the previous one, are the bundles that are offered. These executive resume bundles offer many add-ons, but to no one’s surprise, end up being pricier.

Some of these extras may include:

  • Faster delivery time
  • Several (or even unlimited) rounds of revisions
  • Phone consultations
  • Cover letter
  • Interview coaching
  • Career advising
  • LinkedIn profile

These bonuses are good to have, but we do not consider them to be necessary by any means.

For both professional and executive resumes, there is no point in spending beyond $1000. There aren’t enough benefits to be investing all that money, and should be put towards something else.

One Thing to Consider: Do Your Research

Price is not the only thing that you need to consider. Especially with the growth of work at home trends, you need to be extra cautious of new resume writing services. Simply because they charge you lots of money does not make them qualified, or even legit.

Before opening your wallet, make sure to do your own research. Here are some important questions to consider.

  • Are there samples on their website?
  • Is contact information readily available?
  • Is it easy to contact a live person?
  • Is their public image and relationship positive?
  • Do they have any testimonials or reviews?
  • Do the reviews seem natural and not paid for?

If you end up answering no to any of these questions, be cautious.

Just stick with the most reputable and popular resume writing services if this is something you’re concerned about.

To Wrap Up

Most people will be satisfied with spending around $200 or so, depending on where they are in life and what the resume is tailored towards.

The happy medium is the $100 to $500 range. With this amount, your wallet will be okay, and you will get an effective resume that will do wonders for your career. Resume writing services are well worth it as long as they are reasonably priced and of value to you.