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Need someone to fix your resume? That’s where we come in. Our staff of professional resume writers know the inner workings of what it takes to make a resume truly dazzle in the eyes of hiring managers. Our staff has helped thousands of job seekers fix their resumes and get it ready for the application process.

Why it’s so helpful to fix my resume

Your resume is all that is standing in the way between being given a job interview and getting rejected. When your future job is on the line, your resume needs to be in the best shape possible. Whether it’s fixing grammatical mistakes, restructuring bullet points, adding new job entries, or rewriting the entire resume, our resume fixing services is here to help you elevate your resume.

What Our Resume Fixing Services Offer

Learn why ResumeGo is the best company out there to fix your resume

A Quality Writing Team

We’ve put together a team of carefully vetted resume writers from all across the world. Each of them have insider knowledge of how to get around applicant tracking systems and impress hiring managers.

Unlimited Revisions

We don’t just send a fixed resume and have you go on your way. We want to make sure you are perfectly comfortable with your new resume and all the fixes we’ve made to it. This is why our process gives you unlimited revisions for up to 14 days after you receive your fixed resume.

A Resume Based On Research

ResumeGo is the only resume writing service out there that actually uses inhouse research and field experiments to gather insight on how to truly optimally write a resume. Our research have been covered by national news outlets and has given our team further insight on what it takes to fix a resume up so that it appeals to employers reviewing it.

Other questions on our resume fixing services

Do I really need my resume fixed by a professional writer?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether you really need someone to fix your resume. It could be already well-written to begin with.
If you’re having trouble deciding, have some friends, family members, or online resume communities look at your resume and see what sort of feedback they give. If you’ve tried applying your resume already and haven’t had any success, this is also a sign that your resume needs to be fixed and rewritten.

What are the costs of fixing my resume?

Our resume fixing services cost $100 and can be ordered at the bottom of this page you’re on. If you are interested in having your resume completely revamped, check out the Order Now page for additional pricing information.

When will I be in contact with my writer?

After you fill out our online form and send us your original resume to look at, we will pick a resume writer from our team to contact you via email to schedule a one-on-one phone call.

What separates you from other resume writing services out there?

One thing that really sets us apart is our writing team. We set the highest standard for ourselves and only accept the most qualified and talented resume writers on our team. We also only assign 1-2 clients to each of our writers every week. This enables them to really put their all into focusing on your particular order and making sure nothing is rushed.
Finally, we perform our own experiments and studies to try and determine the most effective resume writing strategies out there for landing more job interviews and offers.

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