Pay Someone to Write My Resume For Me

Trying to pay someone to write your resume? Let our team of certified professional resume writers do the work for you. We’ve worked with thousands of job seekers to advance their careers by writing quality resumes that shine above the competition’s.

Why it’s so helpful to pay someone to write my resume for me

It’s no secret – your resume is the one piece of document that hiring managers use to judge you as a job candidate. Your resume is what gets your foot in the door of the interview room and it’s what separates you apart from all the other applicants.

If you feel your resume is not up to par with everyone else’s, paying a professional to write your resume could be a worthwhile investment that turns your career around.

What you get with us

Learn why ResumeGo is the best place to pay someone to write your resume

A Superior Resume

Our team of certified resume writers have insider knowledge of what it takes to write a top-notch resume that puts you ahead of other job applicants. Our writers have written resumes for thousands of job seekers and have a track record of proven results.

Money Back Promise

We put our clients first. At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy with the resume you received or you just recently received a job offer and don’t need a resume anymore, you can always get a refund for your order. This allows you the flexibility of working with us even when your future is uncertain.

Unlimited Revisions

Writing a resume is complicated stuff. Even with our professional guidance, there’s always room for improvement and things to adjust. This is why we offer unlimited revisions with your writer when you pay to have a resume written from us.

Other questions when paying someone to write my resume for me

How long does the writing process take?

We have an individualized process that is based on your needs. So, if you are in a rush and need your resume to apply for a job at a certain deadline, we can accommodate and get your resume written as quickly as it needs to. However, we usually don’t want to rush things and our writers want to take the necessary time to ensure your resume is as good as we can make it. So with this in mind, our process can take up to a week or so if there is no specific deadlines looming.

What are the costs?

You can view the prices of our resume writing services at our Order Now page. Our services come in 3 main packages if you are paying someone to write your resume. There’s the Premium, Professional, and Executive package. For job seekers who aren’t looking to apply to a C-suite or managerial position, we usually recommend the Professional package option to our clients. This includes both a new resume and new LinkedIn profile for you.

Will my resume be ATS optimized?

Yes, we go out of our way to include particular keywords that are specific to your industry and job applications in order to optimize our resumes for applicant tracking systems. Our resumes are also formatted so it’s 100% readable by applicant tracking systems and easily parsed through their algorithms.

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