Resume Editing Services

Does your resume need a revamp? Our team of certified resume writers can do just this. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers secure job interviews by rewriting their resumes and rebranding themselves to appeal to employers.

A Resume That Gives You An Edge

With our resume editing services, we don’t just fix grammatical mistakes and add in your newest work experience. We’re here to completely transform your resume and elevate it to the next level needed to stand out from all the other applicants out there.

We have professional resume writers that knows the ins and outs of what should be included on a resume to give it that extra pizzazz that can really grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Not only that, be we incorporate data-driven research to understand the intricacies behind really optimizing a resume for interview callback rates.

Our Resume Editing Process

Here’s the process we use to edit your resume

Complete online form

We want to learn everything about you before we start editing your resume. By filling out this form, we’re able to gather enough information about you to assign the appropriate writer to handle your unique situation. You will also be able to send us your old resume here so that we can determine what is the best course of action needed to reconstruct your resume and build upon what you already have.

One-on-one with resume writer

Once a writer has been assigned, you will schedule a conversation with your writer to further discuss what should be changed with your resume and what your career goals are. You will get to learn more about your writer and your writer gets the opportunity to learn more about you as well.

Receive draft of resume

Once your resume has been edited and rewritten you’ll get a draft of your new resume. If necessary, you can keep working with your writer and revise your resume until you’re confident that your writer has gotten everything just right.

Resume Editing Services Questions

Do I need a resume editing service?

Evaluate your situation. Are you not getting any job offers? Are you a strong writer? Do you know the ins and outs of how to write a great resume? Whether you need a professional to edit and revamp your resume completely depends on your unique situation. If at the end of the day, you feel that you just aren’t doing yourself justice with your current resume, it may be best to simply have a professional edit and update it.

How long does the process take?

Once you’ve completed your initial career form, you will be assigned a resume writer within 24 business hours. Once you’ve scheduled a conversation with your writer and developed a plan with your writer on how to approach reconstructing your resume, it’ll usually take another several days for your writer to complete the process.

What’s different about our resume editing services vs our resume writing services.

Our resume editing services are designed to take a good hard look at your current resume and determine ways in which it can be improved. With that in mind, our resume editing services are for job seekers who already have a resume in place and want to make changes to it. The changes made with our resume editing services are usually not as large as the changes we make with our actual resume writing services, so keep that in mind when determining which option may be best.

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