Virtual Job Interviews During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost all businesses around the globe, and many companies who are still able to operate have opted to replace in-person job interviews with virtual interviews conducted online through video conferencing software. ResumeGo conducted a survey of 277 hiring professionals in order to understand how they feel about these online interviews and to get some advice for job seekers who are currently going through the online hiring process.

New survey examines the ins and outs of virtual job interviews from an employer’s perspective.

The coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down and forced everyone, including hiring managers and job seekers, to adapt. Most companies that are looking to continue hiring at this time are opting to perform online video interviews instead of traditional in-person interviews. ResumeGo recently decided to conduct a survey of 277 recruiters and hiring managers in order to get their thoughts on best practices and common pitfalls.

What videoconferencing software do you prefer to use?

How long do your interviews generally last on average?

How do you prefer job candidates to dress for online interviews?

What is the most common issue for job seekers you come across during online interviews?

How often is the video quality of the job candidate too low?

How often is the audio quality of the job candidate too low?

How often do any technical difficulties come up during the online interview?

How often is there distracting background noise on the job candidate’s end during the online interview?

Are job candidates more or less likely to be late to online job interviews compared to in-person interviews?

If a job candidate is applying for a position at your company because he or she was just recently laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, does that increase or decrease your likelihood of hiring that person?

If a job candidate has already been exposed to and recovered from COVID-19, does that increase or decrease your likelihood of hiring that person?

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